1st Ride

Well Sunday we decided to ride after going to get a round bale.  The Bug decided she was ready to ride her brothers old Pony Penny.  Bug will be the 4th kid Penny has taught the rope to, My family has been blessed to have this Pony for the last 22 years.   This is the 1st time in some years she has been saddled and rode in some years, seriously can’t remember the last time.  Bug and Penny both did great.  And it brought back some great memories, hopefully will make some more Bug be-be

1st Ride

Way back When

Was downloading old pictures from my old I phone tonight and came across this



Can’t believe it has been that long since I made a Competitive run although I wasn’t that competitive with alot of the other riders, but we had fun.  This is my retired horse Fancy ( hey, she came with that name )  she is living the life of riley right now.   I have been blessed to have her for the last 20 -21 years.  It is so hard for me to believe that I have had her that long.  Whenever I go to the barn she is the one I want to throw a leg over, but common sense prevails most of the time.  Last time I rode her she decided that she was terrified of deer I mean seriously??? had no idea she could still buck like that at her age.   Anyhoo here she is enjoying retirement. crush 003 (930x698)


Now, to get my tail back in the saddle,  bought her replacement 2 years ago and have only been able to ride an handful of times due to one reason or another.  Mostly my age I mean its going to be tough getting back into it, but I’m gonna give it a whirl.

here is her replacement trouble3