It’s Been A While

Gosh, can’t believe it has been so long since I posted.  Have had a lot of things going on… School is back in sessions got 1 that is a junior and 1 in 1st grade… had to switch schools for the junior,  re-arranged the school zones and some of the “new” kids were a little rougher than we could deal with… I mean when when your son is telling you all summer long he isn’t switching schools, then the 3rd day of school he is begging to get him out… whats a mom to do…. it has messed up his varsity standing in 3 sports thanks to all the “sports rules” but I guess it will be okay.  The 1st grader thank goodness loves her teacher which is a good thing… I think she is starting to like school Ha!

On the horse note  have rode a couple of times, no where near as much as i should but will getting there, just got to learn to make more time in my day.

On the house front the house got struck by lighting and caught on fire,  so we are getting  a somewhat re-model which this old house could use.  Along with some serious organization that is way past due 🙂

well, I better go, got a busy busy day planned 🙂