Miss This Place

I was looking through face book and a friend of mine posted these pictures of back home.  It made me realize how much I missed that place it was the place that would go to get my head on straight, my special spot, my zen so to speak… Have been known to drive 16 hours one way in  a weekend just to spend 1 day there, back in my youth when I could run days on zero sleep so to speak.  Even though I lived on the beach this place here marshy and somewhat of acquired smell was still my spot. FB_IMG_1422554375327


FB_IMG_1422554381029this is one of the wild ponies that roam the beach think Misty of chincoteague here if you old enough to remember that book… Oh my gosh I really aged myself.  I can not take credit for the photos but they did let me feel a little bit of home 🙂  you guys have a great Sunday


Been a long while….

it has been a long while since I’ve checked finally caught up on my reading 🙂

A lot has happen this year  I mean really crazy stuff and not so crazy

Health issues — ones that make you question a lot of things

Company closing— a blessing in disguise esp. with the  above mentioned health issue

a 17-year-old do I need to say more…. the Alien’s did promise me they would return him back to his normal self in a few years…just hope I can survive the few years HA!!!!

House struck by lightning,  yep Lightening caught on fire in a downpour my house is being stampeded by the local fire department ( God Love ’em)  and my neighbor is fussing about her yard flooding…. Hello you knew there was a runoff ditch there when you bought the place

Haven’t been able to ride due to health issue,  I promise my Dr.  I would be a good little patient,  its been kinda of hard although I did notice they put I was non-complaint in my file WTH? She is luckily she wasnt my doctor after the emg. gallbladder surgery.

so basically I’ve been just hanging around the house, reading a lot I have like 800+ books since I’ve been sick and  way to many shows on Netflix.

and of course Hockey kinda of torn between teams this year of course my fave’s the Rangers but they are playing Tampa Bay which of course has a lot of Ranger previous players whats a girl to do?

until next time