Christmas Chaos Week

Chill Week, that is what my daughter calls the week between Christmas and New Years.  Believe me we needed Chill Week this year, with all the happenings before Christmas it has been nice to relax this week.

The week before Christmas was crazy this year… I tried really hard to have all my shopping done,  although I did wait until the last minute to wrap.   Procrastination at is finest :).  Anyhow 1 Santa visit, 1 Wedding, 1 broken collar bone, 1 bout of Bronchitis, 1 wop knot on the back of the head due to a fall. 1 doctor visit, 1 E.R visit, along with 2 days of last minute Christmas shopping for the aforementioned person who just couldn’t stay on her feet.   We survived,  I didn’t stress out except when it came to my gift wrapping procrastination habit.  I’m totally breaking that bad habit Yep, I’m gonna wrap as buy no more last minute drop and bag for me next year.

Oh and let me not forget instead of the traditional Shifty ham and turkey dinners we had take in bake pizza… definitely something I’m voting for next year.

So relax the rest of this week &  enjoy your New Years Eve and Day the Christmas Chaos is gone till next year




Its almost a New Year

Well the New Year is almost here… I don’t usually make resolutions but, I think I might this year. I have a lot that I would like to accomplish this year.   I think the most important thing is to get my son graduated and off to college.  I’m really going to be sad when he actually leaves to go,  I’m still trying to talk him into staying her and doing the free Jr. college that our state  will pay for…. but he wants the real college experience…. yep, I’m going to be terrified for a while…

Also, would like to get back to riding Trouble,  It has been a while because my Doctor does not advise it.  She gives me all the scary stories of things that have happen because of the meds I’m on.  I’m at the point where the Joy of riding is out weighing the risks.  What is life without Joy?

And, I would really like to go back work,  hard to get a new job when you have outstanding weekly Drs. appointments.  It would feel nice to contribute to my family instead of just taking care of the kids and the house.  I’m guessing I’m going to have the follow in the steps of my father and make my own job.

That’s about it for my resolutions (goals)  for 2016.  I have a lot more but didn’t want to overwhelm myself with them.  You ought to see my To Do List is a little scary don’t want to add much more to it.

Hope everyone’s New Year is everything they want.