Catching Up

Well, you see I signed up for this course Blogging 101 and I’m already so far behind… True

So, this is actually my Day one assignment… Who am I and Why am I here… gosh there are so many answers to that.

Well, I’m C, pretty much your normal everyday person… 2 kids ( yes, they make me crazy, but wouldn’t trade ’em)  I read a lot, I mean like really a lot I think I have read close to 800 books last year. ( thinking about reviewing books I’ve read) love to share with others what I have read.  Also, love to write short stories, so you might see a few of them on here. However I’m not responsible for the grammar.

We have horses, the things they do adds humor to every day, even though I’m not able to ride right now.   2 rescue Dogs along with the rescue barn cat.

Also, have been navigating the College entrance process with my son,  It has really changed since I went…

I guess the reason I’m publicly blogging  is to share… never know it might help someone or be slightly entertaining to someone.

Did I mention I love hockey,  I really love the Rangers its really hard being down in the south and missing my hockey….


Things in 2015

As the year is coming to a close I always try to think of things that I’m thankful for and got to experience through out the year.  Here are mine, some might be redundant.

  1. My kids, albeit they are trying to send me to the crazy farm in different ways, but am so blessed to have them in my life.  An, I didn’t know I raised such a technical debater, I mean seriously he needs to think about law school, instead of the PT route he is thinking of.  Oh by the way he is instructing his 8 year old sister in the great art of technical debating… but love them all the same, they keep me on my toes.
  2. My husband he has really stood by me this year with all the health issues and job issues along with everything else.  He is awesome and couldn’t ask for any one better.  ok enough of the mush
  3.  My extended family and friends  couldn’t of made it through without all of their help and caring.  And totally learned the meaning of fair weather friends.
  4. Thank God for a great doctor, even though she scares the crap out of me with her stories of what can happen.  ( she does it bc she cares)
  5. My sister yep she deserves her own # because she is more than my sister she is my best friend when I got sick, of course I went to the hospital where she works she took care of me had the doctors, CTs techs, ultra sound techs, even the harried nurses taking care of me as best and fast as they could.  So it is probably a good thing if not I wouldn’t be here or would at least be missing a limb.
  6. My health I’m not little miss run by the seat of her pants anymore, but I get around.  No, I’m not pain free all the time but it could be worse, just grateful I’m still here.
  7. My Girls, Fancy, Penny and Trouble  they are the reason I leave the house and get dressed every day.  But the next time Trouble decides I’m not there at sunrise to let her out and kicks out the back wall of her stall…. I’m gonna think of something.
  8. Jendaya aka Jed the new barn cat saved his crazy ass from the pound.  yep that’s right I’m sucker for a crazy cat.  Even with his head bobbing, tail twitching ways he makes me smile every morning before he tries to trip me up.  He needs to work on his mouse catching abilities. 20150724_091326
  9. Zoey OMG  I fell down and bumped my head, Jed went so well I decided to go back to the pound and save another life.  Doesn’t matter that my daughter was begging for a puppy.  nope, she didn’t have any say in it at all RIGHT.  Well lets just say she has been a Wild addition here is her pic from the pound.  More on her later, lots more. 20151108_141937
10.  I can’t forget our 1st rescue  Reid the wonder heeler, pretty much the 2nd best dog of my life.  She never left my side the whole time I was sick.  She is a little weirdo but she is my little weirdo.  That’s my techy debater with her.
DSC_0003 (2)
11. Books, Books, and more Books because all I could do for about 4 months was set around and read.  Was introduced to some amazing story tellers,  and was thankful… I think I wore my Kindle out.
12.  The time I got to spend with my son this summer going to look at different colleges.  We toured a bunch, but it was the time on road that we spent talking and reconnecting that I will always cherish.
13. New friends,  I never really had the time.  ok lets get real made the time to step out of my inner circle.  I have met some amazing people over this last year some I have known but didn’t know.  Grateful….
14. My daily Chaneism that is what I call them  the things an 8 yr old can teach you.  Lets just say my eyes are wide open… I mean really her daddy doesn’t have a 6 pack because he old now.  and when she gets married her brother is going to have to walk her down the aisle because her daddy is going to be really OLD…. seriously,  I didn’t have the heart to tell him so its our secret.