Monday Mojo

We all need a little Monday Mojo in our life  I mean really.  Since I go to the doctors every Monday. Yep, that’s right I’m a regular there I have permanent appointment.  Since I go to a Cancer Center that’s where my hematologist works.  Whenever I’m in the waiting room I try to pick one person that is waiting for their treatments and just make their day a little sweeter.  Sometimes all it takes is smile, Sometimes engage in a meaningless conversation about something fun you take their minds off the treatment they are waiting for.

I have been fortunate and have made 3 special friends in the last 15 months since My Mondays have started.

1st I have Jimmy and his mom,  Jimmy is mentally challenged, double amputee what he actually has I don’t know,  but I do know him and his mom are two of the most uplifting people I have met in my lifetime.  Last week he told me I was going home with him 🙂  that really made me smile.  My sister works there also and she had to tell him that I couldn’t, said I was already spoken for.  He said he would fight for me,  Then she had to inform him that my husband looks like his favorite wrestler on T.V. and was just as big as him.    Well he dumped me right on the spot.  I guess I’m still gonna bring him his brownies…

2nd is a lady named Louise,  Every time I see her she is working on a new crochet project. She has made many baby afghans,  baby hats,  you name it I’ve pretty much seen her make it.   I asked her what she does with all her projects because I know her grandkids are way too old for a lot of the stuff she is making.  She told me she works on her baby projects while she is getting her treatments, because she donates everything she makes to various children’s cancer hospitals’.  Said it make hers remember how lucky she has it.

My 3rd friend is Ryan,  we always go get coffee together after our appointments.  So philosophical I have had some really great conversations with him.  But if you saw him you would never in a million years think that he could be that deep.  Yep, he is a Harley riding, Kinda of bad ass, but totally down to earth I think I might miss him and his wife when our Mondays stop.

So remember,  spread just a little mojo where ever you are, mojo



Did I do the right thing

Well, I was scrolling through my Facebook, yes that’s right I was on the gossip box thats what I call it anyhoo, I came across a picture of my former management at my former job at their new company Ribbon Cutting ceremony.  Little back story when our company closed 2 of the Upper Managment decided to open their own business which I truly was and am happy for them.  However, the way they went about it was wrong ( just my opinion).   They did take a few clients with them,  can’t fault them for that because truth be know if I was in their shoes I would of done the same thing.  Anyhow the way they got their new employee’s is where I was upset.  As our company was closing they went to former co-workers secretly which turned out to be not so secretly and hired these people to work for their new company and caused a ton of hurt feelings… you know you didn’t get picked for the good team elementary school feelings.  When I saw that picture when everyone should be happy smiling you know looking overjoyed… I noticed that the only ones smiling was the upper managment and the “new to them” employees, all of my fellow former co-workers looked so unhappy, stressed and just downright tired, not one of them was smiling.  So after seeing that picture I KNOW I did the right thing.   And, am so glad to know that I’m not within that bullying nightmare.  I think they are the reason I have not really looked for a new “tradtional job” I know that I could never again work for a person / people / company that treated people they way they did. 10 years was enough 🙂

Oh, and the funny thing is I went to get hay  Love my hay guy 🙂  He asked me how in the hell did I work for her for so long…. see I told you I love him and you got to love small towns because sooner or later everyone is gonna figure it out and you really don’t have to say a word… I guess she got a little to demanding about her hay



Why Cluttered Chaos?

My sister came over and wanted to know why I decided on Cluttered Chaos for a blog name.   Are you starting a house cleaning blog?  Had to laugh at that, yeah its a little cluttered ( ok a lot cluttered shhhh), but that isn’t why.  Had to explained to her that since I haven’t been working and after being sick for year… That my mind was cluttered and a little chaotic with all the things I want to do… like this blog for one, and possibly declutter my house for one, finish my degree, just tons of stuff rolling around in my head.   Do I go back to work like a traditional job, or do I figure out something to do on my own?  Do I finally go through my mountain of notebooks and “officially” write a book.  Yes, I have around 15 totes in my attic of spiral notebooks,  scraps of paper, bits of napkins, back of receipts with random little thoughts or short stories on them….  I didn’t even realize I had that many of them up there  I guess I need to go through them  or maybe burn them….there are probably some things written in there that never need to see the light of day again.  I better go clean out the fire pitsunrise de