The Fire between High & Lo

the fire between high and loTitle: The Fire Between High & Lo

Written by: Brittainy C. Cherry

Released: March 25, 2016


All I can say is you must read this.  This is the 2nd book I have read by Ms. Cherry and she didn’t disappoint me one bit.   This is the 2nd book in The Elements Series I read the 1st one last year.  But you don’t need to read the 1st as both are stand alone titles.  I have been waiting for this book to come out and yes, I read it in a day  I couldn’t put it down at all even downloaded it to phone so I could read it while I was on break.  That’s how much I fell in love with this author.   Any how on to the story

I really don’t want to give to much away,  but its hard to do when you fall in love with the characters in this book.  so…. Story  about Logan ( LO) and Alyssa ( High)   It follows them from teenagers till adulthood.  It shows the differences between the social classes and how they are able to come together and have something great.  There is Love, Hate, Loss, Self destructive behavior.   Logan feels trapped in his situation, Alyssa is determined to save him.  She just didn’t realize how long it would take,  and the amount of loss she would have to endure along the way.  Both come from dysfunctional families, but how both Logan and Aylssa are always there for each other in some sort of way.   This is one to those books you will buy the hard copy of because you will read it more than once.  Its the type of book you want to read on a gray rainy day, because you know when you finish it the sun will be shining.   And, if you get a chance you will really want to read the 1st installment of this series  It was really, really good too.   Oh have a couple of tissues ready maybe a box because both will have you tears from time to time.


What I’m Reading

fighting silenceTitle: Fighting Silence

Written by :  Aly Martinez

Released: February 23, 2015

Okay this book isn’t part of the Kindle Unlimited Selection however it is available free on  Amazon

I really enjoyed this book,  it was a quick read for me which means I read it in about 2 days.

The story is based around Till Page and Eliza Reynolds,  with great secondary characters.  You know the ones that want to know more about and you will want to know.   Till and Eliza have been friends since elementary school.  They both come from dysfunctional families, so they have always taken care of other in a matter of speaking.

Till has an auditory diagnosis, but he has became a contender in the boxing world, and he doesn’t want to give that up because it provides the means to care for his family.   Eliza’s world pretty much revolves around Till and his brothers.  So after a short break from Eliza and something awful involving Till’s father,  and a few other shady characters Till goes back to Eliza and their relationship begins to bloom.

I like how this book is written, it has great flow to it and I will probably okay I will pay to read the next book in the series because I really want to know what happens next.

Artistic Talent

Well I for one have no artistic talent whatsoever I mean really you want me to draw a straight line well all my lines have curves, bumps, hills you know kind of like life.  However that being said my nephew he has really surprised us… growing up he always liked to take things apart to figure out how they worked and put them back together again… but there was this one incident with his sisters Barbie corvette… it never saw the light of day again.  So when he graduated high school, he never really said what he wanted to do then one day over the summer he decided he wanted to go to school to do auto body repair so off he went for 2 years.  He comes back and works for a little bit you know learning his trade… somewhere in the middle he got to where he was riding Harley’s and the next thing we know he is creating stuff like this… To say that I’m proud of him would be such and understatement he is so gifted when it comes to painting.   This is the bike that he surprised his wife with, and the 4th custom painted one he has done. DSC_0382DSC_0384DSC_0387

What I’m Reading

The Wall of Winnipeg and MeThe Wall of Winnipeg and Me

Written by: Mariana Zapata

Released:  February 28, 2016

This is the 1st book I have read by this author I would  have to give it ahh 3 1/2 Stars.  I did enjoy the book.   The book is mostly centered around Vanessa and how she has brought her self up in the world  from abusive older sisters and an alcoholic mom.   Vanny  ( Vanessa)has finished college with huge student loan debt and she is trying to start her own graphic design company.  With that being said she took a job as a personal assistant/ housekeeper to one of the top players in the NFO ( National Football Organization ) Aiden Graves.   Aiden is very closed off to pretty much any personal interactions, his focus is totally on his football career.  After a falling out Vanessa quits working for Aiden after being with him for two years.  Vanessa is one of the few people Aiden is able to get along with…. So after a few weeks Aiden tracks Vanessa down and begs her to come back to work for him but not in the way that you expect…  He needs to get married in  order to stay in the United States because his work visa is about to expire.  Vanessa throws the idea back and forth and decides to marry Aiden in order to help him.  They go from barely being able to like each other to being friends then finally falling in love.  Learning to trust each other and to stand up for each other.   I really liked one of the supporting characters Zac or otherwise know as Big Texas.

So you ask why only 3 1/2 stars  I would have to say I wished that the author would have offered us more on Aiden’s backstory.  So, that we could understand why he is so closed off to personal relationships whether it is as a friend or romantic.  But the one thing I really liked about this book was how the author was able to slowy bring Aiden and Vanessa together into a real relationship.  Not overnight how so many other authors do, Ms Zapata made this relationship seem real.  This is a good read and I would recommend it to my friends.  Happy Reading.



I was talking to one of my son’s friends momma… you know the one that you have talked to since our kids started school.  And, we got to talking about everything our kids have been through since the 2nd grade.   She asked me if I was ready for graduation?  To be honest Hell no I’m not ready,  I feel like part me is going to lose one of the best things I have every had,  I don’t know how I’m going to be able to send him off to college 4 hours away,  How I’m not going to hear him come in every evening and say Hola Famila you know he almost fail Spanish Thankfully our local weatherman’s daughter helped him through that class, Along with Algebra II I don’t know how he is getting through Trig this year but so far so good…  All the dances he has gone to, all the cross country races/ track meets, motorcross races, horse shows, soccer games… How much he has changed in the last 4 years just amazes me.  How he has been the best big brother a little girl could ask for, not always easy on her but always loved her and looked out for her.  I know I have to let him go and grow up but I don’t want to.   Yep I’m going to be the momma ugly crying at his graduation, going be the momma ugly crying when we are moving him into his dorm.  But at the same time going to be so grateful that we got him through high school, and into college so that he can live his life.  I have seen so many of his friends get involved with the wrong people, places and things.. I am grateful  maybe I have been hard on him but it was for a purpose… and his senior trip… Please Lord let him and I make it through that… 8 boys in Florida I don’t even want to know.

It’s the Big Day

Yes, today is a big day in our family… My niece is getting married and my attendance to said function has been mandated, demanded If I miss said function I will be in so much trouble with family members.   So… I guess I’m going to a Wedding this evening,  I’m really excited for her because she is or should I say was one of those girls I never thought would get married because she has always been so independent and sure of herself and want she wants out of life.  I am so glad that she has finally found someone, that allows her to be her and to chase her dreams and not hold her back.  That is really rare these days to find someone that wants to support you, and not put their needs before yours.  I’m so glad that she found her someone.  I just hope and pray that they have a great ceremony and a great life together.  chelsea3.19.16