Title: Crow Boston Underground Series

Author: A. Zavarelli

Release Date: February 8, 2016

My Rating:  4 1/2 Stars

First let me say I was a little let down the last little bit, when I was hunting for something to read and I just couldn’t find anything I could stick with then I came across this little gem.  This is the 1st book  I have read from Ms. Zavarelli, but I did stalk her website looking for the next installment of this series… looks like I’m gonna have to wait a little bit, but did find a few other books of her I am going to try.   And, I might be a little bit bias when it comes to organized crime books, whether its true crime or fiction… Maybe because I’m from the east coast, maybe its because I grew up in an Irish/Italian home or was that in and Italian/ Irish home… guess it depends on what set of grandparents’ I was with at the time 🙂  Anyhoo on to the story

I truly enjoyed this book it had just the right amount of everything… crime, drama, love, hate, loss, sexy … I mean I was even late getting to meet my hay guy those who have horses know your never late to me the hay guy.  but I got so into this book I had to make a 30 minute trip in 12.    I love the fact it that it is written in a way you can hear the Irish dilect in your head as your reading…  The heroine Mackenzie was just the right amount of strength and vulnerability.  I don’t know about everyone else I want a girl to stand up for herself or at least try to.   Lachlan ( Gosh, I love that name)   he’s my new book boyfriend of the week.

Mackenzie she grew up in the streets and foster care after the death of her father who was an illegal fighter for the underground.  Mack’s friend went to work for Irish Mob owned bar, then goes missing.  Mackenzie was trying to find her friend, but she couldn’t just walk into the bar asking about her because that just doesn’t work with the Mob.  She was just trying to get close to a solider in the mob to find out about her friend.  Her plan was to fight her way in, which she does in a boxing ring.  She defeats one of the Mob’s own and that is how she mets Lachlan the soon to be underboss.  She thought she would get in, get her information, find her friend and get out.  She never thought  she would fall in love with Lachlan… Or for that matter she never thought Lachlan would ever fall in love with her.  She never shows emotion, she has learned to depend on herself.   Its a really bumpy ride to the end, but so worth the read.


Cleora Killen

When I was going through all pictures  I found in the my grandmothers china cabinet I came across this one.   It brought back all kinds of memories that Cleora shared with me.  But this one really touched me.  You see Cleora was one those girls back in the day that didn’t need a man… She always taught me that you have depend on yourself,  you don’t need to depend on others for your own happiness, security, whatever.  and she was kind wild back in the day too.  But, whatever man you decide to chose you have him by your side because you want him there not because you need him there.  I guess she thought this way because her father died when she was really young like a baby,  She had a good stepdad though as far a providing, but not emotional.  Any how when she was young she was wild and would date she said that her and her friends would go to the USO dances and hang out like the kids did back in the day.  She would tell me stories how she would make 2 dates for one night hit the dance then would sneak out the bathroom window to go meet her other date… yep ole Cleora was a wild one… She met up with my grandfather and tried to ditch him one night, but he was on to her.  Any how her and my grandfather had my uncle together before they were married and She refused to marry my grandfather.  Said that She didn’t need to marry him just because they have a baby together.  She caught a lot grief for not marrying him right away, but she was not marrying a man because society thought she needed to, she was going to marry a man because she wanted too  and she sure as Hell was not going to marry a man who thought he needed to marry her.  I think my Uncle was almost 3 or 4 years old before they finally got married. I guess my grandfather wore her down.   This is them around mom  pop pop spanky 1942

Monday Mojo

I know I missed last week… and I should have been celebrating because my weekly appointments have now been changed to Monthly appointments.   I know that it sounds trivial but it is a big deal to me.  I have to figure out what I’m going to do with 3 of Mondays a month now.  I’m going to miss my friends I have made and keeping up with them and their lives.  Heck I might just have to show up there anyways and let them know that I’m supporting their battles too.   I was talking to my PA ( Physician’s Assistant) up there this week and they have a patient there Who according to her is doing nothing to help herself get better.  They wanted me to talk to her, because she is going through the same thing I went through.  They have been treating her for over 3 months and she is pretty much still in the same condition as she was when she was released from the hospital.  I said I would but didn’t know if it would help.  It was really kinda of sad because she see’s herself as damaged… Maybe her leg is a little bit… told her she has to try because if she doesn’t no one else will for her.. Told her to look around everyone of us even the healthy, we are damaged in someway… Its what we do with that imperfection that determines if we make it or not.  I told her about when I first got out and my leg was so big, couldn’t wear pants, that the cellulitis was so bad it was draining through my skin and I had to walk at least 5 minutes a day… told her I didn’t know if I would make it the first 5 steps, let alone 5 minutes,  but did,  I was crying, the last 3 minutes of those 5 minute walks, but hey if I can, you can at least try… Maybe I will go see her next Monday and walk through the hospital … at least I’ll have a wheelchair close by if she needs it.  and they have great coffee there.. who knew a hospital would have great coffee. mojomonday4photo from pinterest


What I’m Reading

First I’m going to say I had a hard time finding a book to read this week.  It seemed like I started at least 10 books this week and I could not get past the first couple of chapters in any of them.    I think my kindle thought I was a little bit crazy,  you know buy, download, delete and repeat.  Then I thought maybe I change the genre you know I started out with the usual chick – lit romance… nope wasn’t working… then I hoped to a biography memoirs type… not happening…  Mystery / Suspense  figured it out in the 1st chapter…  Dystopian and I usually love those… and I thought a good Zombie slasher book… I just couldn’t find anything to hold my interest so what am I to do?  I guess it time for spring cleaning around here and reset my brain.   God knows the horses could use a good brushing because the hair is flying I tell you… And I will continue the search.


I inherited this china cabinet from my grand mother…. yes, it is ugly as sin.. not my style what-so-ever.   I’ve held onto this thing one because my mother would have a come apart (thats a complete mental breakdown, kick my butt kind a fit, incase your not from the south).   Two,  I can remember sitting with my grandmother when I was little and she could tell me the history of every piece in the china cabinet.  How she bought her china in there with green stamps, How the china cabinet was one of the few things her family brought over from Ireland.  Its funny how we can intertwine so many stories from one piece of furniture.   However,  there was this drawer in the bottom of the cabinet and I found all these great pictures in it… Along with some Lottery tickets… What… Cleora Thats my grandmother told me never to gamble growing up and I found Lottery tickets from the 1970’s ….. I guess it was the case of ” Do as I say not as I do”.  Who knows but here are some old pictures.  The first one  is of my Great Grand parnets  George and Georgia.  The Second one is of my Great Grandmother Annie… I remember her when I was little,  She use to scare the crap out of me… Thats her getting eggs from the chicken house she always used her apron to gather them.  The next one is my grandfather and my great uncle Louder ( yep, he was pretty loud in person too )  And the last one is of my grandfather  never knew he had that much hair,  And it was WILD,  I guess I know where my crazy hair comes from… I found 100’s of pictures in the china cabinet.. I’m going to scan them onto my hard drive because I would hate anything to happen to them.  Maybe my kid’s might be interested in them one day who knows.