I inherited this china cabinet from my grand mother…. yes, it is ugly as sin.. not my style what-so-ever.   I’ve held onto this thing one because my mother would have a come apart (thats a complete mental breakdown, kick my butt kind a fit, incase your not from the south).   Two,  I can remember sitting with my grandmother when I was little and she could tell me the history of every piece in the china cabinet.  How she bought her china in there with green stamps, How the china cabinet was one of the few things her family brought over from Ireland.  Its funny how we can intertwine so many stories from one piece of furniture.   However,  there was this drawer in the bottom of the cabinet and I found all these great pictures in it… Along with some Lottery tickets… What… Cleora Thats my grandmother told me never to gamble growing up and I found Lottery tickets from the 1970’s ….. I guess it was the case of ” Do as I say not as I do”.  Who knows but here are some old pictures.  The first one  is of my Great Grand parnets  George and Georgia.  The Second one is of my Great Grandmother Annie… I remember her when I was little,  She use to scare the crap out of me… Thats her getting eggs from the chicken house she always used her apron to gather them.  The next one is my grandfather and my great uncle Louder ( yep, he was pretty loud in person too )  And the last one is of my grandfather  never knew he had that much hair,  And it was WILD,  I guess I know where my crazy hair comes from… I found 100’s of pictures in the china cabinet.. I’m going to scan them onto my hard drive because I would hate anything to happen to them.  Maybe my kid’s might be interested in them one day who knows.



3 thoughts on “Family

    1. Thanks, I had forgotten all about that drawer in the bottom of the cabinet and found a bunch of pictures some don’t have any info on them… so that is going to be fun figuring out who is who

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