What I’m Reading

First I’m going to say I had a hard time finding a book to read this week.  It seemed like I started at least 10 books this week and I could not get past the first couple of chapters in any of them.    I think my kindle thought I was a little bit crazy,  you know buy, download, delete and repeat.  Then I thought maybe I change the genre you know I started out with the usual chick – lit romance… nope wasn’t working… then I hoped to a biography memoirs type… not happening…  Mystery / Suspense  figured it out in the 1st chapter…  Dystopian and I usually love those… and I thought a good Zombie slasher book… I just couldn’t find anything to hold my interest so what am I to do?  I guess it time for spring cleaning around here and reset my brain.   God knows the horses could use a good brushing because the hair is flying I tell you… And I will continue the search.


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