Title: Crow Boston Underground Series

Author: A. Zavarelli

Release Date: February 8, 2016

My Rating:  4 1/2 Stars

First let me say I was a little let down the last little bit, when I was hunting for something to read and I just couldn’t find anything I could stick with then I came across this little gem.  This is the 1st book  I have read from Ms. Zavarelli, but I did stalk her website looking for the next installment of this series… looks like I’m gonna have to wait a little bit, but did find a few other books of her I am going to try.   And, I might be a little bit bias when it comes to organized crime books, whether its true crime or fiction… Maybe because I’m from the east coast, maybe its because I grew up in an Irish/Italian home or was that in and Italian/ Irish home… guess it depends on what set of grandparents’ I was with at the time 🙂  Anyhoo on to the story

I truly enjoyed this book it had just the right amount of everything… crime, drama, love, hate, loss, sexy … I mean I was even late getting to meet my hay guy those who have horses know your never late to me the hay guy.  but I got so into this book I had to make a 30 minute trip in 12.    I love the fact it that it is written in a way you can hear the Irish dilect in your head as your reading…  The heroine Mackenzie was just the right amount of strength and vulnerability.  I don’t know about everyone else I want a girl to stand up for herself or at least try to.   Lachlan ( Gosh, I love that name)   he’s my new book boyfriend of the week.

Mackenzie she grew up in the streets and foster care after the death of her father who was an illegal fighter for the underground.  Mack’s friend went to work for Irish Mob owned bar, then goes missing.  Mackenzie was trying to find her friend, but she couldn’t just walk into the bar asking about her because that just doesn’t work with the Mob.  She was just trying to get close to a solider in the mob to find out about her friend.  Her plan was to fight her way in, which she does in a boxing ring.  She defeats one of the Mob’s own and that is how she mets Lachlan the soon to be underboss.  She thought she would get in, get her information, find her friend and get out.  She never thought  she would fall in love with Lachlan… Or for that matter she never thought Lachlan would ever fall in love with her.  She never shows emotion, she has learned to depend on herself.   Its a really bumpy ride to the end, but so worth the read.


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