Oh My

I can’t believe Its been over a month since I’ve been here.   Lots of stuff going on.

Got my oldest out of High School  Yay! Me!!  Felt like I was graduating, I guess in a way I did, its a lot of work getting these kids thru high school these days.


I didn’t even cry, just knew I would…. I guess I’m holding that in till I drop him off at college in August..  Yes, he finally picked one Thank you Lord.

Still going to the Dr’s every Monday… blood cells are all crazy according to the Dr.  But I feel good… So I guess the Dr.’s version of crazy is my normal HA!!  Had to go to another Dr. this week  I guess I’ve added Rheumatology to my lists of visits,  He was pretty cool guy, bow tie and everything.

Been reading a lot,  what else is there to do when you sitting in a waiting room… I’ve read some pretty good books need to get them on here and share all of them are on the kindle unlimited

Mother is in town, one of Nieces has gone wild, daughter decided if school goes south for her she is going to be an “animal adoption worker”  hey works for me.  When she told her father and I “if school goes south” I swear it was all I could do to keep from laughing.  I mean really how south can the 2nd grade go?  I better not ask that questions because according to her it can go really south. DSC_0465