Dog Days…

Well, Summer is officially here in the south… I’m talking heat indices in the 100+ range, air so thick, makes it hard to breath, you walk outside three steps from your door and your glistening ( us southern girls don’t sweat ).  Then if you have to walk across a parking lot to get to a store…  lets just say you need to make sure you plenty hydrated, because that asphalt is nothing to play with.

Of course all the animals that I own are dealing with the heat in their own way…

Fancy the senior citizen of the bunch has decided she isn’t coming out of her stall in the mornings due to heat…. and the evenings due to the horseflies they are especially bad this year.

crush 003 (930x698)

Jendaya aka Jed,  let’s just say he had to endure a lot of pink, before we adopted him.  He has decided to make his water bucket his own personal swimming pool at the barn. I’m just glad he is using his bucket and not one of the horses.  Who knew this cat liked to swim, and everyone thinks I’m joking when I say he has neurological issues, maybe it was the pink from his youth…


Reid,  another rescue of ours has this idea that I need to go on Reid Recovery missions in the mornings… I mean really it’s already 85 degrees at 6 in the morning and she runs off to hang with her dog friends down the street, seriously..


Zoey,  Rescue no. 3 she really wants to go out, but as soon as she is out she wants in, I think I spend more time running her in and out.  See even she is wore out from it she’ll just plop down anywhere


Trouble and Penny Pony,  they just want a shade tree with a sprinkler I mean really a , sprinkler you turn a hose on around those two, you need to a personal body-guard because they will run you over to get a shower or under their fans to escape the heat  or the flies.



Even the cows know its hot, caught this guy taking a bath,  he was trying to slink out of the pond… caught you


And us,  right now it’s either this


or we are wishing for this and its only June, I’m terrified of what August is going to bring.



Being A Good Neighbor

Ok,  I have lived in our house for over 20 years.  Fortunately I had great neighbors until 3 years ago.  I really miss my old neighbors.  Just imagine my surprise when I wake up on a fabulous Friday morning,  I’m outside in P.JJ’s. and turn the corner and I have 3 utility workers standing in my back yard.   Did I call them out?  Heck no.  next thing I know they are taking out the light pole from my back yard… got a really nice sand filled hole in my back yard from it.

You see my neighbor decided she just sometimes wants to sit in the dark, well let me tell you its really dark now fell and busted my butt last night trying to put the dogs out.

little back story. new neighbors move in.  1. we had a tree at the end of our driveway they wanted it cut down.  It didn’t bother us one way or the other, said they would pay half, we would pay half didn’t know I would be left with 1/2 a tree.

2nd they have a dog sweetest thing, who happens to love tomatoes, well we happen to had a garden.  Because the dog would come over and eat the tomatoes off of our plants, so we didn’t put a garden out the last 2 years.  Not, to mention the countless time their dog has decided to use our yard as a restroom.

3rd they decided to put a fence up no problem, well they didn’t survey the property line, now according to my old neighbors who I love, are telling me the fence line is way over in our property.

In my effort to be a decent neighbor seems like we are the ones doing all the bending, you see when it was country out here, we had to have our own street lights put in rent them from utility company.  We rented the one in the front yard, the neighbor the one in the back yard which happen to be on our property.   So lets just say my back yard is Dark.  Do I keep letting it go?  or Do I finally play their game to…. not so much about removing the light, its about being decent, a heads up would of been nice,  and Oh, hey by the way, your yard is gonna be dark… Nope not a dang thing… Should of known something was up when they offered my kid a piece of cake last weekend… Thank goodness best friends hubby is an electrician, Do they make 2,000 watt lights?   Because Memphis, ain’t what it used be… So, I guess what I’m trying to say, Be a good Neighbor, let your neighbor know if you plan to do something it effects them,  Not, just let them wake up with Utlity workers in their back yard… Don’t you love my tree?20160611_073739

” Reaper”


Photo: from Pinterest A. Zavarelli

Title:  “Reaper”  The Boston Underground Series

Author: A. Zavarelli

Release Date: May 19, 2016

My Stars:  5,

I waited and waited for this book to come out, and here I am just now getting my review written…  I mean seriously life couldn’t be that busy right?

I’m just going to say it this book held me hostage, I read it in one sitting, I mean totally engaged from page one to the last page.  I loved the way the author writes, she has such flow and continuity in her books, I don’t feel like I’m skipping around in the story.

Ok, who doesn’t love a mafia love story, This book had it all, mafia…. check, suspense….check,  romance…check, it had it all.

Ronan/ Reaper Ms. Zavarelli was able to show his “Reaper” side, What he was raised to be… But, at the same time was able to show his “Ronan” side in an almost child-like quality of how he was raised.  He suffered from what he was raised to be, and was unable to trust himself to be around people. He watched Sasha from afar for years, and protected her and considered her, his.  He finally find the courage to trust himself with Sasha.

Sasha who has sacrificed everything for her family,  That is how she ended up working as a dancer at the Syndicates club.  It is how she finds herself in a series of abusive relationships, which Reaper protects her from.  That is when she falls from Ronan/ Reaper and he already fallen for her, he just doesn’t know how to react to those feelings.  When they finally get together Ronan helps Sasha regain a little of what she has lost, and she helps him to trust himself.

One thing about Ms. Zavarelli’s writing, she is so engaging I think what makes that so is that she is so descriptive it’s like you are there.  This is the 2nd book that I have read in this series and I’m so hooked now I am waiting for book 3, which I heard should be out sometime in August.. I guess I’m going to have to back to stalking her facebook page so I can get it right when it comes out.  She is truly great to read.

reaper cover