Grocery Store Musings

Okay, maybe that title wasn’t the best idea.  Some of you know that I work part time at a grocery store.  I’ve only been there the last 3 months, when you have to go to the doctor on a weekly basis makes it a little hard to find a “real” job.

But, anyhoo I actually like my little part time gig, believe it or not.  I didn’t think my leg would hold up but so far so good.  I better go knock on some wood ha ha.

So,  I’ve always kinda of been a  people watcher,  okay I am a people watcher have been for along as I can remember…

Lets just say I have met some pretty nice and some pretty cra-cra people in the last 3 months.

1st up I got my stalker lady  yeah that’s right she comes and finds me every Friday afternoon that I work.  I mean I even moved departments yep she found me.  She is really nice and I try to take the time out to talk to her, but I really don’t thinks she realizes I’m at work.  I think she is just lonely,  I know all about her, her husband, and her son’s recent divorce and what is going on with it.  So I do try to spend a few minutes with her, Who knows maybe I make her Friday shopping a little better.

Next, I have the creepy man from the parking lot, he drives his car around the parking lot a bunch and he tries to talk to me and other women as he cruising the parking lot.  I’m usually a pretty friendly person,  but this guy gives me the Stranger Danger vibe

Then, I have my Sunday morning, the world is going to end where are your mark down water filters lady.  She comes in every Sunday to visit, and looks for mark down water filters.  I asked her why she buys so many she told me if something happens she thinks they are going to put it in the water supply.  Okay…..,  I’m thinking “Lady, if they put something in our water supply, I don’t think a grocery store water filter is going to get rid of it, your going to need something a little stronger”  But I just go and see if I can find her any.  If it keeps her at ease I’m all for it.

Then I have my When can I have a date man, I mean really he is like 70 years old.  (No offense to the 70’s population out there,  I mean really if I wasn’t married & a little bit older…)  wears a Vietnam Vet Hat… Thank you for your service…  Sir, I really can’t go out with you, I’m married for one, and hey you might know my Dad he served in Vietnam?  nope didn’t deter him.

Then I have my favorite customer of all times… If he drives his car anything like his motorized grocery shopping cart… Lord help us of all.  This guy always finds me, and has me follow him around the store to get his groceries.  What I think is so great about him is the history of world he shares with me, and the fact he recuse animals.   I mean he buys more pet food then person food, I wished I knew more about him so I could help out.

These are just the top performers  and I’m not even gonna touch on some of the clothing I see going on out there scares me just to think about it…


Lets not go there, Mom

I live in Memphis, well outside of Memphis really… and the #901 is a really great city,  I’m not going to lie and say we don’t have our problems because we do.  What city doesn’t?  We had a tragedy strike our city a few weeks ago,    Anyhow,  last week we had to go save my sisters dogs from the kennel she was boarding them at, because they were unhappy there.  Any when Cha-Cha goes on vacay… I pick up her slack you know that what’s sisters are for, right?    Well the kennel that we had to go to was on a street called Forrest Hill Irene,  We are loaded up and heading out that way,  and I tell my 8 year old the name of the street we are looking for.  She looks at me says ” Please don’t go there Momma, they killed four kids there and I don’t want to die”   and proceeds to tell me that we need to stay away from the greens of Irene.   How do you explain to an eight year old that the place didn’t cause these kids to die.   She was a nervous wreck the whole time we were on that street and I’m doing my best to explain this to her.  I guess I’m going to have to censor the news a lot more carefully than I have been.  I wonder how many other children have had the same thoughts.   I know the Media is just reporting the news, that is their job, and it does help keep all of us safer if we are aware of what is going on.   But we as parents myself included, need to be more aware of what our little sponges are absorbing, because I never would of thought in a bijillion years that she would actually pay attention to the news.

Oh, and didn’t help that on the way back we saw 14 police cars  heading in the direction that we were leaving with sirens blaring… and she tells me See,  Momma even the Police no its not safe over here.  Which is totally untrue because its a really nice neighborhood over there.  Everyone say a prayer or  thought for this family because I really couldn’t even imagine.



Title:  Hard ( The Filthy *(&^^ MC Romance)

Author: Scott Hildreth

Release Date: July 8, 2016

My Stars: 5

Okay let me first state I don’t read a lot of MC romance, but with that being said I do like this author and have read a lot of his books, but not all.  He is actually one of my favorite authors due to the fact when I read one of his books it like I’m sitting down with a cup of coffee, ok lets get real a glass of wine ; ) and just having a conversation the book and I.  Really love those type of books don’t you?

If you have read any of Mr. Hildreth’s books you will know that he pretty much always weaves some type of lesson in his stories.  I don’t know if lesson is the right word to use, but it is what comes to mind.  I think the lesson in this book or should I say 1 of the lesson’s in this book is  the old saying ” Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”.   If  you decided to read this book lets just say you will probably read it in one sitting,  It will leave you thinking about a lot of different things that we as a society face today. It did me

Crip/ Nick Navarro- A little bit older, a little bit wiser, and whole lot of ink.  Is a former Navy Seal who upon his return of 15 years at war felt like his country let him down.  He decided to start his own M.C.  He lives by his own set of laws, of what he feels is right and wrong.

“The Reporter” / Peyton Price-  a journalist who is tasked with the job of writing a story about the FFMC.  She is a little free spirted adventure junkie, who in her own way is living her live by her own set rules also.  She just didn’t realize how this assignment would change her life and her outlook on life.  While with the FFMC tragedy strikes  and never imagine her assignment would end up being her story.

Pee Bee The SAA, Best Friend, former college football player and very much his own ideas. ( I can’t wait to see where Mr. Hildreth takes his character)

Lets just say wrongs were righted, friendships made and just maybe the beginnings of a HEA.

If you decide to read this book please read the Authors note and dedication.  This book will leave you thinking about a number of different things.