What the Heck….

Okay I’m going to have the set the scene here and please remember I am so not a professional writer. Like you couldn’t already tell.  Anyhow it’s really cold here right now like I think the low was in the single digits last night because when hubby went to feed this am he said it was 12 degrees.  That’s just wrong no matter how you look at it.  It should not be that cold down here ever right?  I don’t know how the people way up north deal with that I’m straight up scared of the cold.

But back to my story, I am awoken at 4:15 am this morning with 3 of our city’s finest in my driveway. And I thank God for them everyday. We have a really good police force here in my town. My son who is home from college, called them said that he heard someone walking outside his window and called 911.  Didn’t wake the rest of us. I heard something walking around then noticed the front door was unlocked I open the front door and there all four of them were my son, and 3 police officers.  Did he think to wake the rest of the family up? Did he think to wake his dad up?  Nope nada. I was thinking what the heck are the police doing here? Did someone die and they were coming tell us? I had all the yucky thoughts going through my head.

Well after spending a good 15 minutes walking all around my yard they determined it must of been an animal.  Well dud I could of told them that because since the new neighbors built their fence and took the light down in our back yard the deer have decided that our yard is the path of least resistance to get across the street to the woods. We have a nice 8-10 point buck that comes through our yard every morning to get to where he is going.  I guess with the ice/snow on the ground it was a lot louder than usual.  And he does take the path by both of the kids windows.

Told him next time wake us up and we could let him know that our backyard has become the new deer crossing path. So we have been giving him a lot of grief about it this morning. It has been a lot of fun. This is a picture of one earlier this fall. I guess I need to remind him the owl in the back too.  I should known since The Great Armadillo Incident of 2006… it earned him an armadillo birthday cake that year



4 thoughts on “What the Heck….

    1. It was especially when I show up on the front porch with bedhead and dressed for the polar freeze we got going down here I’m sure they were talking at the station this morning ha

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