We Survived Week One

Well, we did or should I say he did it,  we survived week one at college.  I think it was easier for him than us.  Still miss my nightly Hola Familia when he used to come home… but I guess I will used to it.  This is his new home for this year its actually pretty nice as far as dorm room’s go.  Although he texted me a list of things he needs that I forgot… And, I really thought I had done so well when it came to packing him up to head up there.  The planning packing list the schools give you is really basic compared to what they really need.

DSC00586My niece went to tour Ole Miss last week,  she is looking at attending there next year a girl that she played soccer with is there this year.  Lets  just say her and her dorm mates’ mom’s  went all out on their dorm room.  I mean it looks like came out of a magazine.  I hate to say it but I really had an epic fail when it came to dorm decorating.   But hey, I will have it together next year.  Yep,that’s right this momma is fixing to get busy since I will get to do a his and hers so to speak.  Here is pic of the Ole Miss Dorm.

Ole missLooks pretty good for cinderblock walls don’t you think… I had all kinds of Ideas pop in my head since I actually go to see some dorms furnished and finished so to speak.  But what I found is that there isn’t a whole out there for guys rooms.   I guess they think guys are just happy with a few changes of clothes  and  a woobie ( that’s a blanket)   I guess I will have make a few trips up there and adjust a little on his dorm. And plan a whole lot better next year.

Oh and Reid the dog she is still real sad that he is gone I mean she has barely ate this week she lays around looking like this IMG_20141008_214444 and stays right up under my feet and has traded my son’s bed for  my daughters.  She is going to be so excited next week when he comes home.