Okay well we’ve made it to the 7th mark with Nash.  He has turned out to be such a good little dog thankfully he’s not gonna be as big as his daddy, I don’t think I could take another huge dog in the house.


He has learned how to sit, shake and heel we’re still working on lay down I don’t know if we will ever get that down pat.

Here’s a picture of his sister Reba she looks like a little wolf. My sister in law has her and she is a hot mess Reba, not my sister in law. It just amazes me how different litter mates can be. She looks bigger but she has that nice fluffy hair where Nash has smoother hair go figure.


And the horses are doing okay still not riding but they are just hanging out here’s Trouble and Fancy in the rain. Trouble loves to be out in the rain I can’t figure out why but it doesn’t bother her at all. Now Penny Pony she’s not gonna step a foot out of the barn if it’s raining such the Diva. Fancy she could care less either way she’s been such a good girl for me. She has been such a blessing to own for the last 24 years, she is starting to show her age but she still will trot and sometimes lope out of the barn.  It’s all I can do not to climb on her and take her for a spin. She’s my special girl.




Well glad to say that 2016 is gone and happy to bring in 2017.  Although I can’t say that 2016 was all that bad.  I have a lot of things to be thankful for that happened in 2016, and a couple of things to be sad about too.  Kind of like that old saying you have to face to sadness to get to the happiness.

I think my happy highlights for 2016 are:

I got my son through high school, that’s a feat in todays world trust me.

He finished his 1st semester of college, although he is trying to transfer back home and go to school here. You know the girlfriend and all that.  I’m okay with it University of Memphis is a pretty decent school.

My daughter is so happy with her 3rd grade teacher, and after last year’s teacher it has made such a difference.

I’m still working at the grocery store part time and I have all my regulars that I get to visit with so that makes it enjoyable.  But on a side note Do not under any circumstances wear spandex mermaid shiny tights to the grocery store.  Especially if your 75+ pounds overweight and over 50 I mean it’s just wrong.  But I guess I got to give her props because she was brave enough to do it, I sure couldn’t.

My blood clot is gone it did take 25 months but that was the best Christmas Present ever. It means I might get my “active” life back somewhat.  I do go for the genetic blood testing tomorrow so… hopefully that will all work out.  And if it does work out I’m getting read to break Trouble back out…

… after basically 3yrs off it will take us a little bit to get it back together, but this is such a joy for me.

Starting to look for a full time job again, now that I don’t have to go to the doctor every week it might be a little easier to find something.  Although I’m going to miss my time at home, hubby thinks I should just keep doing what I’m doing and maybe branch out and do something on my own. I don’t know we’ll see.

Now the sad things for 2016.

Going to the doctor every week, even though I’m well I’m really going to miss my visits I have made so many good friends from those visits.  I’m going to miss keeping up with them.

I think the saddest thing was loosing our dog Reid.  She decided to dig a hole after a mole in the back yard, however it wasn’t a mole it was a yellow jacket nest.  She was stung numerous times, did the Benadryl thing, took her the vet, steroids, everything we could think of. The yellow jacket stings caused some kind of neurological damage and she had no control over her back feet, no feeling, nothing. We were never able to fully get her well, but we though we had her well enough for it to be manageable, however when I got up on my daughters birthday she had decided to self mutilate one of her back legs.  We could of cleaned it up and tried to let it heal, yes it would of been ugly to look at, but she would have to wear a collar for the rest of her life just couldn’t do that to her.  The other option was to amputate the leg, but with her other back leg being bad the vets didn’t think it would work and the best option was to put her down. I hated to do it on my daughters birthday and the day before my son’s birthday but I feel that it was the right thing to do.

You know sometimes you have animals that come in to your life that truly bless you. In my life I have had three. She was one of the three and I still miss her everyday. img_0019IMG_20141008_214444

Now for goals for 2017 I really haven’t made any.  Will try to write here more I know I’ve been MIA for the last couple of months just have had so much going on.  Get a new job. Read and review lots of books. And get rid of the clutter and chaos that is my house.

I hope all of you have a blessed and happy 2017 just remember


Dog Days…

Well, Summer is officially here in the south… I’m talking heat indices in the 100+ range, air so thick, makes it hard to breath, you walk outside three steps from your door and your glistening ( us southern girls don’t sweat ).  Then if you have to walk across a parking lot to get to a store…  lets just say you need to make sure you plenty hydrated, because that asphalt is nothing to play with.

Of course all the animals that I own are dealing with the heat in their own way…

Fancy the senior citizen of the bunch has decided she isn’t coming out of her stall in the mornings due to heat…. and the evenings due to the horseflies they are especially bad this year.

crush 003 (930x698)

Jendaya aka Jed,  let’s just say he had to endure a lot of pink, before we adopted him.  He has decided to make his water bucket his own personal swimming pool at the barn. I’m just glad he is using his bucket and not one of the horses.  Who knew this cat liked to swim, and everyone thinks I’m joking when I say he has neurological issues, maybe it was the pink from his youth…


Reid,  another rescue of ours has this idea that I need to go on Reid Recovery missions in the mornings… I mean really it’s already 85 degrees at 6 in the morning and she runs off to hang with her dog friends down the street, seriously..


Zoey,  Rescue no. 3 she really wants to go out, but as soon as she is out she wants in, I think I spend more time running her in and out.  See even she is wore out from it she’ll just plop down anywhere


Trouble and Penny Pony,  they just want a shade tree with a sprinkler I mean really a , sprinkler you turn a hose on around those two, you need to a personal body-guard because they will run you over to get a shower or under their fans to escape the heat  or the flies.



Even the cows know its hot, caught this guy taking a bath,  he was trying to slink out of the pond… caught you


And us,  right now it’s either this


or we are wishing for this and its only June, I’m terrified of what August is going to bring.


What I’m Reading

First I’m going to say I had a hard time finding a book to read this week.  It seemed like I started at least 10 books this week and I could not get past the first couple of chapters in any of them.    I think my kindle thought I was a little bit crazy,  you know buy, download, delete and repeat.  Then I thought maybe I change the genre you know I started out with the usual chick – lit romance… nope wasn’t working… then I hoped to a biography memoirs type… not happening…  Mystery / Suspense  figured it out in the 1st chapter…  Dystopian and I usually love those… and I thought a good Zombie slasher book… I just couldn’t find anything to hold my interest so what am I to do?  I guess it time for spring cleaning around here and reset my brain.   God knows the horses could use a good brushing because the hair is flying I tell you… And I will continue the search.

Okaaay, I got a job….

Yeah, I got a job its just a little part time gig at a grocery store I used to work at…. What the hell was I thinking… It was supposed to be fun, It was supposed to be a favor to a former manager, it was closed to home.   I surived the 3 day orientation how I don’t know,   there was no coffee, and hours upon hours of mindless videos and quizzes at the end of each video ….. and no I couldn’t nap through any of it because of the big guy going through training with me… every time I would just about doze off he ask me a question or make a comment… can you say momma eyeroll time…. threw a bunch of them the last 3 days and the kid isn’t even mine.

I’m so far behind on my reading okay what I consider behind,  I try to read at least at least 3 books a week…. so yeah I only got one done this week… but I have read some really good ones here in the past few months…. I’m acutally working my way thru my Kindle Unlimited Membership,  maybe that should be my job.  Find the good stuff on the Kindle unlimited list and share it with you guys…

Okay It’s early here and I have to head off to the barn before Trouble causes Trouble and I have to re-build her back stall wall… I swear if I’m more than 10 minutes late she is tearing up something.   Had hubby fix and rebuild the stupid thing at least 2 times this past month… and I signed up for a Yoga class another what the hell was I thinking…..


I was digging thru some of those totes from the attic I mentioned earlier and came across this poem.  I wrote for my sister in law when she lost her horse Mann to west nile virus (nasty-nasty stuff) this was back with it 1st came out.  But Mann was truly a family horse you could put anyone on it except in the arena.


Once there was this horse, his name was Mann

A real pretty chestnut all muscly   and strong

That could carry Stan all day long

He never quite lived up to Michele’s expections

He was fast and strong

tried real hard, but he couldn’t help his reactions

Sometimes he just get it all wrong

Forget about eating chips, because the paper rattled

then the rest of your ride was nothing but a battle

Cody was the guy that finally figured him out

be real quiet was mann was out and about

had him carrying a flag and running full out

All the beginners thought he was real cool

especially all the little girls from Chelseas school

Lord knows he carried his share of fools

No matter how far Paulas legs went back

almost always sent Michele in a panic

but he was a Mann and cut her some slack

along with Gavins backseat rider antics

He would even let Mike ride him once in a while

which made Christy so Glad

and Mann was such a good lad

And, when his eyes would get real big & white

just reach up on his neck

tell’em  Easy Mann its gonna be alright