It’s release day…Thick

Yep that’s right it’s release day for Thick by Scott Hildreth. Nope I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I’m sure I will have it read by the end of the day… Wonder if I could call in sick and drop the kids off at the Gramapa’s ( C wilder’s nickname for grandparents why say two names when you can combine right? )

Any how here you go…. Seriously check out this and his other books I have not been disappointed by any I’ve read so far.



My TBR List

Okay it is a little terrifying, in my quest to get the chaos which is my house under control I thought well I’ll update my TBR ( my to read list). You know we all have one you can’t be a book lover and not have a TBR list.  Well anyhow I usually carry a spiral notebook and I call it my things to do book.  Yes my lists are so long that I need to use the whole notebook. Yes its a scary thought but what’s even more terrifying is that I usually need two of them bad puppies a year.  I’m not talking the 80 page kind either, I’m talking the nice big fat 5 subject notebooks. But any how I’m getting off topic. I decided I’m going to stop toting that thing around and try to use my computer/ slash new definitely ultra cool phone to help with the chaos.

So I’m going through my “notebooks” I decided to computerized my TBR list. When I got done I had over 350 titles that somewhere in the last year or so I have written down that I wanted to read.  Yes you heard me 350+ titles that’s not counting the 200-300 books I did read in the last year. I might really need to get a new Kindle.  To bad they don’t have a point system to earn new Kindle’s. You know for every book you read and leave a review on you get points then you can then turn those points into prizes.  Oh well I better get busy looks like I got a lot of reading to do.  And I did re-read a lot of the blurbs on these books to make sure it was something I still wanted to read there’s no telling how long the TBR list would of been if I hadn’t culled it some.

You Know When…

You know when you are in the middle of reading a good book then you get an email that a new book has been released from one of your favorite authors …. your like do I stop reading the book I’m in the middle of and start reading the new book?

Well, I hate to say it … I ditched the current book I promise I’ll get back to soon… I’ve just been waiting so long for this new book to be released.  It’s funny how we get so invested in these characters…


Well glad to say that 2016 is gone and happy to bring in 2017.  Although I can’t say that 2016 was all that bad.  I have a lot of things to be thankful for that happened in 2016, and a couple of things to be sad about too.  Kind of like that old saying you have to face to sadness to get to the happiness.

I think my happy highlights for 2016 are:

I got my son through high school, that’s a feat in todays world trust me.

He finished his 1st semester of college, although he is trying to transfer back home and go to school here. You know the girlfriend and all that.  I’m okay with it University of Memphis is a pretty decent school.

My daughter is so happy with her 3rd grade teacher, and after last year’s teacher it has made such a difference.

I’m still working at the grocery store part time and I have all my regulars that I get to visit with so that makes it enjoyable.  But on a side note Do not under any circumstances wear spandex mermaid shiny tights to the grocery store.  Especially if your 75+ pounds overweight and over 50 I mean it’s just wrong.  But I guess I got to give her props because she was brave enough to do it, I sure couldn’t.

My blood clot is gone it did take 25 months but that was the best Christmas Present ever. It means I might get my “active” life back somewhat.  I do go for the genetic blood testing tomorrow so… hopefully that will all work out.  And if it does work out I’m getting read to break Trouble back out…

… after basically 3yrs off it will take us a little bit to get it back together, but this is such a joy for me.

Starting to look for a full time job again, now that I don’t have to go to the doctor every week it might be a little easier to find something.  Although I’m going to miss my time at home, hubby thinks I should just keep doing what I’m doing and maybe branch out and do something on my own. I don’t know we’ll see.

Now the sad things for 2016.

Going to the doctor every week, even though I’m well I’m really going to miss my visits I have made so many good friends from those visits.  I’m going to miss keeping up with them.

I think the saddest thing was loosing our dog Reid.  She decided to dig a hole after a mole in the back yard, however it wasn’t a mole it was a yellow jacket nest.  She was stung numerous times, did the Benadryl thing, took her the vet, steroids, everything we could think of. The yellow jacket stings caused some kind of neurological damage and she had no control over her back feet, no feeling, nothing. We were never able to fully get her well, but we though we had her well enough for it to be manageable, however when I got up on my daughters birthday she had decided to self mutilate one of her back legs.  We could of cleaned it up and tried to let it heal, yes it would of been ugly to look at, but she would have to wear a collar for the rest of her life just couldn’t do that to her.  The other option was to amputate the leg, but with her other back leg being bad the vets didn’t think it would work and the best option was to put her down. I hated to do it on my daughters birthday and the day before my son’s birthday but I feel that it was the right thing to do.

You know sometimes you have animals that come in to your life that truly bless you. In my life I have had three. She was one of the three and I still miss her everyday. img_0019IMG_20141008_214444

Now for goals for 2017 I really haven’t made any.  Will try to write here more I know I’ve been MIA for the last couple of months just have had so much going on.  Get a new job. Read and review lots of books. And get rid of the clutter and chaos that is my house.

I hope all of you have a blessed and happy 2017 just remember




Title:  Hard ( The Filthy *(&^^ MC Romance)

Author: Scott Hildreth

Release Date: July 8, 2016

My Stars: 5

Okay let me first state I don’t read a lot of MC romance, but with that being said I do like this author and have read a lot of his books, but not all.  He is actually one of my favorite authors due to the fact when I read one of his books it like I’m sitting down with a cup of coffee, ok lets get real a glass of wine ; ) and just having a conversation the book and I.  Really love those type of books don’t you?

If you have read any of Mr. Hildreth’s books you will know that he pretty much always weaves some type of lesson in his stories.  I don’t know if lesson is the right word to use, but it is what comes to mind.  I think the lesson in this book or should I say 1 of the lesson’s in this book is  the old saying ” Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”.   If  you decided to read this book lets just say you will probably read it in one sitting,  It will leave you thinking about a lot of different things that we as a society face today. It did me

Crip/ Nick Navarro- A little bit older, a little bit wiser, and whole lot of ink.  Is a former Navy Seal who upon his return of 15 years at war felt like his country let him down.  He decided to start his own M.C.  He lives by his own set of laws, of what he feels is right and wrong.

“The Reporter” / Peyton Price-  a journalist who is tasked with the job of writing a story about the FFMC.  She is a little free spirted adventure junkie, who in her own way is living her live by her own set rules also.  She just didn’t realize how this assignment would change her life and her outlook on life.  While with the FFMC tragedy strikes  and never imagine her assignment would end up being her story.

Pee Bee The SAA, Best Friend, former college football player and very much his own ideas. ( I can’t wait to see where Mr. Hildreth takes his character)

Lets just say wrongs were righted, friendships made and just maybe the beginnings of a HEA.

If you decide to read this book please read the Authors note and dedication.  This book will leave you thinking about a number of different things.

” Reaper”


Photo: from Pinterest A. Zavarelli

Title:  “Reaper”  The Boston Underground Series

Author: A. Zavarelli

Release Date: May 19, 2016

My Stars:  5,

I waited and waited for this book to come out, and here I am just now getting my review written…  I mean seriously life couldn’t be that busy right?

I’m just going to say it this book held me hostage, I read it in one sitting, I mean totally engaged from page one to the last page.  I loved the way the author writes, she has such flow and continuity in her books, I don’t feel like I’m skipping around in the story.

Ok, who doesn’t love a mafia love story, This book had it all, mafia…. check, suspense….check,  romance…check, it had it all.

Ronan/ Reaper Ms. Zavarelli was able to show his “Reaper” side, What he was raised to be… But, at the same time was able to show his “Ronan” side in an almost child-like quality of how he was raised.  He suffered from what he was raised to be, and was unable to trust himself to be around people. He watched Sasha from afar for years, and protected her and considered her, his.  He finally find the courage to trust himself with Sasha.

Sasha who has sacrificed everything for her family,  That is how she ended up working as a dancer at the Syndicates club.  It is how she finds herself in a series of abusive relationships, which Reaper protects her from.  That is when she falls from Ronan/ Reaper and he already fallen for her, he just doesn’t know how to react to those feelings.  When they finally get together Ronan helps Sasha regain a little of what she has lost, and she helps him to trust himself.

One thing about Ms. Zavarelli’s writing, she is so engaging I think what makes that so is that she is so descriptive it’s like you are there.  This is the 2nd book that I have read in this series and I’m so hooked now I am waiting for book 3, which I heard should be out sometime in August.. I guess I’m going to have to back to stalking her facebook page so I can get it right when it comes out.  She is truly great to read.

reaper cover