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Monday Mojo

I know I missed last week… and I should have been celebrating because my weekly appointments have now been changed to Monthly appointments.   I know that it sounds trivial but it is a big deal to me.  I have to figure out what I’m going to do with 3 of Mondays a month now.  I’m going to miss my friends I have made and keeping up with them and their lives.  Heck I might just have to show up there anyways and let them know that I’m supporting their battles too.   I was talking to my PA ( Physician’s Assistant) up there this week and they have a patient there Who according to her is doing nothing to help herself get better.  They wanted me to talk to her, because she is going through the same thing I went through.  They have been treating her for over 3 months and she is pretty much still in the same condition as she was when she was released from the hospital.  I said I would but didn’t know if it would help.  It was really kinda of sad because she see’s herself as damaged… Maybe her leg is a little bit… told her she has to try because if she doesn’t no one else will for her.. Told her to look around everyone of us even the healthy, we are damaged in someway… Its what we do with that imperfection that determines if we make it or not.  I told her about when I first got out and my leg was so big, couldn’t wear pants, that the cellulitis was so bad it was draining through my skin and I had to walk at least 5 minutes a day… told her I didn’t know if I would make it the first 5 steps, let alone 5 minutes,  but did,  I was crying, the last 3 minutes of those 5 minute walks, but hey if I can, you can at least try… Maybe I will go see her next Monday and walk through the hospital … at least I’ll have a wheelchair close by if she needs it.  and they have great coffee there.. who knew a hospital would have great coffee. mojomonday4photo from pinterest


Monday Mojo

Well Monday is here again off to Dr. V’s  I go… I just love leaving my blood there for her to examine, dissect, test whatever she loves to do to it… Yes, I took my medicine right, yes I went and got a B-12 shot, yes, I was and will continue to be compliant… Yes after my emergency gallbladder surgery the surgeon decided to put in my hospital record that I was non-compliant I was only trying to explain to him that I had a few things I needed to take care of and I would come right back for the surgery… that joker just knocked me out, did the surgery and stamped my file I was non-compliant… I woke up still trying to argue with him… any how.  One thing I have learned after 10 years of working with oncology patients with my previous employer and my weekly visits to Dr. V’s cancer center and visiting with the patients there I think beating cancer is 90% mental.. you got want to survive it more than the cancer wants to get you… not all of us have cancer there but its the same thing you got to mentally decide that you are going to beat whatever it is you are facing whether its physical, mental, emotional, & etc.  And just do what you gotta do to get through it.  Is it always easy, hell no but is it worth hell yes.  When they thought I might die or the very least lose my leg from a huge and I’m talking huge blood clot… yes, I went to a doctor told me I had a pulled groin muscle Ha!! wished that all it was… I just decided I was going to do what I had to do… and that is what I did… Is my leg 100% nope, but its still here, I’m still walking and shush don’t tell I still ride a little nothing like before but I can still drag my butt up on a horse and walk around and trot a little will I ever get back to running barrels?  Who knows but its worth a try because of the mental stress reduction it gives me… Sometimes the doctors don’t always know what is good for you.   Your mental attitude can and will sometimes decides how your body reacts physically… I’m not a doctor and I don’t have any science behind this but it is what works for me.  mondaymojo2

Monday Mojo

We all need a little Monday Mojo in our life  I mean really.  Since I go to the doctors every Monday. Yep, that’s right I’m a regular there I have permanent appointment.  Since I go to a Cancer Center that’s where my hematologist works.  Whenever I’m in the waiting room I try to pick one person that is waiting for their treatments and just make their day a little sweeter.  Sometimes all it takes is smile, Sometimes engage in a meaningless conversation about something fun you take their minds off the treatment they are waiting for.

I have been fortunate and have made 3 special friends in the last 15 months since My Mondays have started.

1st I have Jimmy and his mom,  Jimmy is mentally challenged, double amputee what he actually has I don’t know,  but I do know him and his mom are two of the most uplifting people I have met in my lifetime.  Last week he told me I was going home with him 🙂  that really made me smile.  My sister works there also and she had to tell him that I couldn’t, said I was already spoken for.  He said he would fight for me,  Then she had to inform him that my husband looks like his favorite wrestler on T.V. and was just as big as him.    Well he dumped me right on the spot.  I guess I’m still gonna bring him his brownies…

2nd is a lady named Louise,  Every time I see her she is working on a new crochet project. She has made many baby afghans,  baby hats,  you name it I’ve pretty much seen her make it.   I asked her what she does with all her projects because I know her grandkids are way too old for a lot of the stuff she is making.  She told me she works on her baby projects while she is getting her treatments, because she donates everything she makes to various children’s cancer hospitals’.  Said it make hers remember how lucky she has it.

My 3rd friend is Ryan,  we always go get coffee together after our appointments.  So philosophical I have had some really great conversations with him.  But if you saw him you would never in a million years think that he could be that deep.  Yep, he is a Harley riding, Kinda of bad ass, but totally down to earth I think I might miss him and his wife when our Mondays stop.

So remember,  spread just a little mojo where ever you are, mojo