Okay well we’ve made it to the 7th mark with Nash.  He has turned out to be such a good little dog thankfully he’s not gonna be as big as his daddy, I don’t think I could take another huge dog in the house.


He has learned how to sit, shake and heel we’re still working on lay down I don’t know if we will ever get that down pat.

Here’s a picture of his sister Reba she looks like a little wolf. My sister in law has her and she is a hot mess Reba, not my sister in law. It just amazes me how different litter mates can be. She looks bigger but she has that nice fluffy hair where Nash has smoother hair go figure.


And the horses are doing okay still not riding but they are just hanging out here’s Trouble and Fancy in the rain. Trouble loves to be out in the rain I can’t figure out why but it doesn’t bother her at all. Now Penny Pony she’s not gonna step a foot out of the barn if it’s raining such the Diva. Fancy she could care less either way she’s been such a good girl for me. She has been such a blessing to own for the last 24 years, she is starting to show her age but she still will trot and sometimes lope out of the barn.  It’s all I can do not to climb on her and take her for a spin. She’s my special girl.




Well we have a new family member. A feisty little red head and I guess you could call them freckles. He is a little fearless but I guess if I had eight brothers and sisters I’d be a little fearless too.

Some might know that we lost our dog Reid back around the 1st of November. Well in the last couple of weeks we thought we might be ready to get something else.  You know when your used to  having two dogs, you just feel a little lost with one.

So anyhow here he is. 630We decided to keep going with the Sports themed names. Reid was named after motocross rider Chad Reed. And since I’m a big New York Rangers fan, and everyone agreed on the name Nash that’s what he got 🙂  He is a brusier of puppy. I also forgot how much work a little guy is. The last 3 dogs we have had have been rescues so the have been pretty easy to house train. But look at that little face I think he’ll be worth it in the end. Funny thing is my sister in law has his sister Reba she a little red like him. And then my best friend bought his other sister Rumor a cute little blue thing.  I don’t know how we keep ending up with heelers, but I really do like these dogs, they are pretty fearless and most are great with kids. He’s got some pretty big shoes to fill but I think he’s up to it.

Here’s him and his sister napping at the barrel races yesterday img_20170225_190949097