Snow Day


Yep it’s a snow day down here in the south, where parent’s are up at the crack of dawn checking school websites, the news, and various Facebook and Twitter feeds.

And let’s face it now matter how old you are a snow day is a real reason to get excited. We get to dig the sleds out of the shed and hope they’re still usable because you know we don’t get a lot of the  white fluffy stuff down here.  Then we have traipse across town to “The Hill”. Yep that’s right my little town has it’s very own sled hill I bet the city planners didn’t think that would happen.  But you know if there is a hill worth sledding, the kids okay really the adults will scope it out and use it to our advantage.  Because you know us adults have to test it first to make sure it’s “safe” for the kids.  We use my son’s friends dad as an example “Don’t you remember when Mr. Billy broke his wrist sledding” We got to make sure it’s safe.  I wonder how long that excuse is going to last hmmm.

And yes, I was at the local hardware store getting a new sled because the red one in the picture has made one to many trips we got a nice new lime green one to play on today.