Dog Days…

Well, Summer is officially here in the south… I’m talking heat indices in the 100+ range, air so thick, makes it hard to breath, you walk outside three steps from your door and your glistening ( us southern girls don’t sweat ).  Then if you have to walk across a parking lot to get to a store…  lets just say you need to make sure you plenty hydrated, because that asphalt is nothing to play with.

Of course all the animals that I own are dealing with the heat in their own way…

Fancy the senior citizen of the bunch has decided she isn’t coming out of her stall in the mornings due to heat…. and the evenings due to the horseflies they are especially bad this year.

crush 003 (930x698)

Jendaya aka Jed,  let’s just say he had to endure a lot of pink, before we adopted him.  He has decided to make his water bucket his own personal swimming pool at the barn. I’m just glad he is using his bucket and not one of the horses.  Who knew this cat liked to swim, and everyone thinks I’m joking when I say he has neurological issues, maybe it was the pink from his youth…


Reid,  another rescue of ours has this idea that I need to go on Reid Recovery missions in the mornings… I mean really it’s already 85 degrees at 6 in the morning and she runs off to hang with her dog friends down the street, seriously..


Zoey,  Rescue no. 3 she really wants to go out, but as soon as she is out she wants in, I think I spend more time running her in and out.  See even she is wore out from it she’ll just plop down anywhere


Trouble and Penny Pony,  they just want a shade tree with a sprinkler I mean really a , sprinkler you turn a hose on around those two, you need to a personal body-guard because they will run you over to get a shower or under their fans to escape the heat  or the flies.



Even the cows know its hot, caught this guy taking a bath,  he was trying to slink out of the pond… caught you


And us,  right now it’s either this


or we are wishing for this and its only June, I’m terrified of what August is going to bring.



Why Cluttered Chaos?

My sister came over and wanted to know why I decided on Cluttered Chaos for a blog name.   Are you starting a house cleaning blog?  Had to laugh at that, yeah its a little cluttered ( ok a lot cluttered shhhh), but that isn’t why.  Had to explained to her that since I haven’t been working and after being sick for year… That my mind was cluttered and a little chaotic with all the things I want to do… like this blog for one, and possibly declutter my house for one, finish my degree, just tons of stuff rolling around in my head.   Do I go back to work like a traditional job, or do I figure out something to do on my own?  Do I finally go through my mountain of notebooks and “officially” write a book.  Yes, I have around 15 totes in my attic of spiral notebooks,  scraps of paper, bits of napkins, back of receipts with random little thoughts or short stories on them….  I didn’t even realize I had that many of them up there  I guess I need to go through them  or maybe burn them….there are probably some things written in there that never need to see the light of day again.  I better go clean out the fire pitsunrise de