Okaaay, I got a job….

Yeah, I got a job its just a little part time gig at a grocery store I used to work at…. What the hell was I thinking… It was supposed to be fun, It was supposed to be a favor to a former manager, it was closed to home.   I surived the 3 day orientation how I don’t know,   there was no coffee, and hours upon hours of mindless videos and quizzes at the end of each video ….. and no I couldn’t nap through any of it because of the big guy going through training with me… every time I would just about doze off he ask me a question or make a comment… can you say momma eyeroll time…. threw a bunch of them the last 3 days and the kid isn’t even mine.

I’m so far behind on my reading okay what I consider behind,  I try to read at least at least 3 books a week…. so yeah I only got one done this week… but I have read some really good ones here in the past few months…. I’m acutally working my way thru my Kindle Unlimited Membership,  maybe that should be my job.  Find the good stuff on the Kindle unlimited list and share it with you guys…

Okay It’s early here and I have to head off to the barn before Trouble causes Trouble and I have to re-build her back stall wall… I swear if I’m more than 10 minutes late she is tearing up something.   Had hubby fix and rebuild the stupid thing at least 2 times this past month… and I signed up for a Yoga class another what the hell was I thinking…..


Did I do the right thing

Well, I was scrolling through my Facebook, yes that’s right I was on the gossip box thats what I call it anyhoo, I came across a picture of my former management at my former job at their new company Ribbon Cutting ceremony.  Little back story when our company closed 2 of the Upper Managment decided to open their own business which I truly was and am happy for them.  However, the way they went about it was wrong ( just my opinion).   They did take a few clients with them,  can’t fault them for that because truth be know if I was in their shoes I would of done the same thing.  Anyhow the way they got their new employee’s is where I was upset.  As our company was closing they went to former co-workers secretly which turned out to be not so secretly and hired these people to work for their new company and caused a ton of hurt feelings… you know you didn’t get picked for the good team elementary school feelings.  When I saw that picture when everyone should be happy smiling you know looking overjoyed… I noticed that the only ones smiling was the upper managment and the “new to them” employees, all of my fellow former co-workers looked so unhappy, stressed and just downright tired, not one of them was smiling.  So after seeing that picture I KNOW I did the right thing.   And, am so glad to know that I’m not within that bullying nightmare.  I think they are the reason I have not really looked for a new “tradtional job” I know that I could never again work for a person / people / company that treated people they way they did. 10 years was enough 🙂

Oh, and the funny thing is I went to get hay  Love my hay guy 🙂  He asked me how in the hell did I work for her for so long…. see I told you I love him and you got to love small towns because sooner or later everyone is gonna figure it out and you really don’t have to say a word… I guess she got a little to demanding about her hay