What the Heck….

Okay I’m going to have the set the scene here and please remember I am so not a professional writer. Like you couldn’t already tell.  Anyhow it’s really cold here right now like I think the low was in the single digits last night because when hubby went to feed this am he said it was 12 degrees.  That’s just wrong no matter how you look at it.  It should not be that cold down here ever right?  I don’t know how the people way up north deal with that I’m straight up scared of the cold.

But back to my story, I am awoken at 4:15 am this morning with 3 of our city’s finest in my driveway. And I thank God for them everyday. We have a really good police force here in my town. My son who is home from college, called them said that he heard someone walking outside his window and called 911.  Didn’t wake the rest of us. I heard something walking around then noticed the front door was unlocked I open the front door and there all four of them were my son, and 3 police officers.  Did he think to wake the rest of the family up? Did he think to wake his dad up?  Nope nada. I was thinking what the heck are the police doing here? Did someone die and they were coming tell us? I had all the yucky thoughts going through my head.

Well after spending a good 15 minutes walking all around my yard they determined it must of been an animal.  Well dud I could of told them that because since the new neighbors built their fence and took the light down in our back yard the deer have decided that our yard is the path of least resistance to get across the street to the woods. We have a nice 8-10 point buck that comes through our yard every morning to get to where he is going.  I guess with the ice/snow on the ground it was a lot louder than usual.  And he does take the path by both of the kids windows.

Told him next time wake us up and we could let him know that our backyard has become the new deer crossing path. So we have been giving him a lot of grief about it this morning. It has been a lot of fun. This is a picture of one earlier this fall. I guess I need to remind him the owl in the back too.  I should known since The Great Armadillo Incident of 2006… it earned him an armadillo birthday cake that year



Snow Day


Yep it’s a snow day down here in the south, where parent’s are up at the crack of dawn checking school websites, the news, and various Facebook and Twitter feeds.

And let’s face it now matter how old you are a snow day is a real reason to get excited. We get to dig the sleds out of the shed and hope they’re still usable because you know we don’t get a lot of the  white fluffy stuff down here.  Then we have traipse across town to “The Hill”. Yep that’s right my little town has it’s very own sled hill I bet the city planners didn’t think that would happen.  But you know if there is a hill worth sledding, the kids okay really the adults will scope it out and use it to our advantage.  Because you know us adults have to test it first to make sure it’s “safe” for the kids.  We use my son’s friends dad as an example “Don’t you remember when Mr. Billy broke his wrist sledding” We got to make sure it’s safe.  I wonder how long that excuse is going to last hmmm.

And yes, I was at the local hardware store getting a new sled because the red one in the picture has made one to many trips we got a nice new lime green one to play on today.


Well glad to say that 2016 is gone and happy to bring in 2017.  Although I can’t say that 2016 was all that bad.  I have a lot of things to be thankful for that happened in 2016, and a couple of things to be sad about too.  Kind of like that old saying you have to face to sadness to get to the happiness.

I think my happy highlights for 2016 are:

I got my son through high school, that’s a feat in todays world trust me.

He finished his 1st semester of college, although he is trying to transfer back home and go to school here. You know the girlfriend and all that.  I’m okay with it University of Memphis is a pretty decent school.

My daughter is so happy with her 3rd grade teacher, and after last year’s teacher it has made such a difference.

I’m still working at the grocery store part time and I have all my regulars that I get to visit with so that makes it enjoyable.  But on a side note Do not under any circumstances wear spandex mermaid shiny tights to the grocery store.  Especially if your 75+ pounds overweight and over 50 I mean it’s just wrong.  But I guess I got to give her props because she was brave enough to do it, I sure couldn’t.

My blood clot is gone it did take 25 months but that was the best Christmas Present ever. It means I might get my “active” life back somewhat.  I do go for the genetic blood testing tomorrow so… hopefully that will all work out.  And if it does work out I’m getting read to break Trouble back out…

… after basically 3yrs off it will take us a little bit to get it back together, but this is such a joy for me.

Starting to look for a full time job again, now that I don’t have to go to the doctor every week it might be a little easier to find something.  Although I’m going to miss my time at home, hubby thinks I should just keep doing what I’m doing and maybe branch out and do something on my own. I don’t know we’ll see.

Now the sad things for 2016.

Going to the doctor every week, even though I’m well I’m really going to miss my visits I have made so many good friends from those visits.  I’m going to miss keeping up with them.

I think the saddest thing was loosing our dog Reid.  She decided to dig a hole after a mole in the back yard, however it wasn’t a mole it was a yellow jacket nest.  She was stung numerous times, did the Benadryl thing, took her the vet, steroids, everything we could think of. The yellow jacket stings caused some kind of neurological damage and she had no control over her back feet, no feeling, nothing. We were never able to fully get her well, but we though we had her well enough for it to be manageable, however when I got up on my daughters birthday she had decided to self mutilate one of her back legs.  We could of cleaned it up and tried to let it heal, yes it would of been ugly to look at, but she would have to wear a collar for the rest of her life just couldn’t do that to her.  The other option was to amputate the leg, but with her other back leg being bad the vets didn’t think it would work and the best option was to put her down. I hated to do it on my daughters birthday and the day before my son’s birthday but I feel that it was the right thing to do.

You know sometimes you have animals that come in to your life that truly bless you. In my life I have had three. She was one of the three and I still miss her everyday. img_0019IMG_20141008_214444

Now for goals for 2017 I really haven’t made any.  Will try to write here more I know I’ve been MIA for the last couple of months just have had so much going on.  Get a new job. Read and review lots of books. And get rid of the clutter and chaos that is my house.

I hope all of you have a blessed and happy 2017 just remember


We Survived Week One

Well, we did or should I say he did it,  we survived week one at college.  I think it was easier for him than us.  Still miss my nightly Hola Familia when he used to come home… but I guess I will used to it.  This is his new home for this year its actually pretty nice as far as dorm room’s go.  Although he texted me a list of things he needs that I forgot… And, I really thought I had done so well when it came to packing him up to head up there.  The planning packing list the schools give you is really basic compared to what they really need.

DSC00586My niece went to tour Ole Miss last week,  she is looking at attending there next year a girl that she played soccer with is there this year.  Lets  just say her and her dorm mates’ mom’s  went all out on their dorm room.  I mean it looks like came out of a magazine.  I hate to say it but I really had an epic fail when it came to dorm decorating.   But hey, I will have it together next year.  Yep,that’s right this momma is fixing to get busy since I will get to do a his and hers so to speak.  Here is pic of the Ole Miss Dorm.

Ole missLooks pretty good for cinderblock walls don’t you think… I had all kinds of Ideas pop in my head since I actually go to see some dorms furnished and finished so to speak.  But what I found is that there isn’t a whole out there for guys rooms.   I guess they think guys are just happy with a few changes of clothes  and  a woobie ( that’s a blanket)   I guess I will have make a few trips up there and adjust a little on his dorm. And plan a whole lot better next year.

Oh and Reid the dog she is still real sad that he is gone I mean she has barely ate this week she lays around looking like this IMG_20141008_214444 and stays right up under my feet and has traded my son’s bed for  my daughters.  She is going to be so excited next week when he comes home.

It’s Quiet

Yesterday, was probably one of the hardest days of my life, not going to say the hardest but it is a top 10 ranking.

I took my oldest to college… I know, I know tons of moms have done this and survived but this is my baby that I’m turning loose on the world.  Sorry world.  I thought I was doing pretty good, didn’t cry, I  didn’t get sad, was really upbeat about it but when it came time for that final hug I got that feeling you know one where you can’t swallow, can’t see, let alone think about saying something witty to make it a little easier all I could do was smile and hold my emotions.  I didn’t want him to see me upset because I knew it would upset him. Figured I had 3hours to cry on the way back home, which I did for at least 15-20 minutes. Then it was time to turn my frown upside down for my youngest.  Tried to think of all the exciting things he was going to get to do, the experiences he will get to have.  Along with not trying to text him, call him, you know mother him I’ve had to hide my phone from myself a time or two.  I just hope he gets out and meet people, he is really a shy guy.  I just don’t want him to hold up in his dorm room and classes.  I want him to have experiences.   That is what life is really about experiences.   But it is definetly quiet, I actually got up at 1 a.m. to see if he made it home ( that was his curfew) and he wasn’t in his room and it hit me again.   I guess I will have to survive on our daily texts and snap chats yes, he made me promise to send him daily pictures of his dog.  His roommate seems nice, although he is a football player , no offense  football players they are just a little rowdier than what long distance running guys are.  But we will survive, and get through it and I’m counting down the days only 10 before I can see him again.  Hurry up Labor Day! DSC_0003 (2)

Grocery Store Musings

Okay, maybe that title wasn’t the best idea.  Some of you know that I work part time at a grocery store.  I’ve only been there the last 3 months, when you have to go to the doctor on a weekly basis makes it a little hard to find a “real” job.

But, anyhoo I actually like my little part time gig, believe it or not.  I didn’t think my leg would hold up but so far so good.  I better go knock on some wood ha ha.

So,  I’ve always kinda of been a  people watcher,  okay I am a people watcher have been for along as I can remember…

Lets just say I have met some pretty nice and some pretty cra-cra people in the last 3 months.

1st up I got my stalker lady  yeah that’s right she comes and finds me every Friday afternoon that I work.  I mean I even moved departments yep she found me.  She is really nice and I try to take the time out to talk to her, but I really don’t thinks she realizes I’m at work.  I think she is just lonely,  I know all about her, her husband, and her son’s recent divorce and what is going on with it.  So I do try to spend a few minutes with her, Who knows maybe I make her Friday shopping a little better.

Next, I have the creepy man from the parking lot, he drives his car around the parking lot a bunch and he tries to talk to me and other women as he cruising the parking lot.  I’m usually a pretty friendly person,  but this guy gives me the Stranger Danger vibe

Then, I have my Sunday morning, the world is going to end where are your mark down water filters lady.  She comes in every Sunday to visit, and looks for mark down water filters.  I asked her why she buys so many she told me if something happens she thinks they are going to put it in the water supply.  Okay…..,  I’m thinking “Lady, if they put something in our water supply, I don’t think a grocery store water filter is going to get rid of it, your going to need something a little stronger”  But I just go and see if I can find her any.  If it keeps her at ease I’m all for it.

Then I have my When can I have a date man, I mean really he is like 70 years old.  (No offense to the 70’s population out there,  I mean really if I wasn’t married & a little bit older…)  wears a Vietnam Vet Hat… Thank you for your service…  Sir, I really can’t go out with you, I’m married for one, and hey you might know my Dad he served in Vietnam?  nope didn’t deter him.

Then I have my favorite customer of all times… If he drives his car anything like his motorized grocery shopping cart… Lord help us of all.  This guy always finds me, and has me follow him around the store to get his groceries.  What I think is so great about him is the history of world he shares with me, and the fact he recuse animals.   I mean he buys more pet food then person food, I wished I knew more about him so I could help out.

These are just the top performers  and I’m not even gonna touch on some of the clothing I see going on out there scares me just to think about it…

Lets not go there, Mom

I live in Memphis, well outside of Memphis really… and the #901 is a really great city,  I’m not going to lie and say we don’t have our problems because we do.  What city doesn’t?  We had a tragedy strike our city a few weeks ago,  http://wreg.com/2016/07/07/dozens-remember-four-childrens-lives-lost-too-soon/    Anyhow,  last week we had to go save my sisters dogs from the kennel she was boarding them at, because they were unhappy there.  Any when Cha-Cha goes on vacay… I pick up her slack you know that what’s sisters are for, right?    Well the kennel that we had to go to was on a street called Forrest Hill Irene,  We are loaded up and heading out that way,  and I tell my 8 year old the name of the street we are looking for.  She looks at me says ” Please don’t go there Momma, they killed four kids there and I don’t want to die”   and proceeds to tell me that we need to stay away from the greens of Irene.   How do you explain to an eight year old that the place didn’t cause these kids to die.   She was a nervous wreck the whole time we were on that street and I’m doing my best to explain this to her.  I guess I’m going to have to censor the news a lot more carefully than I have been.  I wonder how many other children have had the same thoughts.   I know the Media is just reporting the news, that is their job, and it does help keep all of us safer if we are aware of what is going on.   But we as parents myself included, need to be more aware of what our little sponges are absorbing, because I never would of thought in a bijillion years that she would actually pay attention to the news.

Oh, and didn’t help that on the way back we saw 14 police cars  heading in the direction that we were leaving with sirens blaring… and she tells me See,  Momma even the Police no its not safe over here.  Which is totally untrue because its a really nice neighborhood over there.  Everyone say a prayer or  thought for this family because I really couldn’t even imagine.